Orthodontic office in Williamsburg

Orthodontic Office in Williamsburg

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If you’re sick and tired of struggling with misaligned teeth, it might be time to finally do something about it. After all, they harbor more than just an aesthetic complication—it can affect your overall oral health. The worst part is, maybe the misalignment can’t be fixed through traditional orthodontics. No problem. Sounds like you need to swing by Rosenberg Orthodontics’ orthodontic office in Williamsburg for surgical orthodontics.

Sometimes these difficult misalignments can be linked to a malocclusion. What is that? Basically, a malocclusion is a kind of misalignment that results in the lower and upper teeth making irregular contact. Usually it’s manifested as one of the following: overbite, open bite, underbite, or crossbite. Of course the safest thing to do is let this assessment be made by a dental professional who can conduct x-rays and get a better look at it. How do they develop? Through any of the following: thumb sucking or tongue thrusting habits, premature or congenital loss of or missing teeth, and a mismatch between jaw size and size of teeth. Of course, there are different forms of this misalignment. Malocclusions come in three different categories: class I (teeth may have spaces between them, rotated, or are crowded); class II (the lower jaw is too far back, resulting in an overbite); class III (the lower jaw protrudes, causing an underbite). To do away with it, you’ll want proper orthodontic devices. It’s never too late to get it fixed. In a nutshell, surgical orthodontics is a treatment option perfect for fixing skeletal discrepancies or bite problems that are too severe for braces alone. With that said, don’t hesitate to contact Rosenberg Orthodontics’ orthodontic office in Williamsburg.

Sound good? Our patients certainly think so. Now all you have to do is take the first step. Pick up the phone and shoot Rosenberg Orthodontics a call. Or an e-mail—that works, too. After that? You’re only a hop and a skip away from our orthodontic office in Williamsburg.

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