Kids orthodontics Greenpoint

Kids Orthodontics Greenpoint

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Pediatric orthodontics in Greenpoint

Kids orthodontics Greenpoint
Kids orthodontics Greenpoint

Pediatric orthodontics should not wait until your child reaches adolescence. Doing so gives any problems or abnormalities a long time to grow worse and for the necessary treatment to become more complex, time consuming, and expensive. At Rosenberg Orthodontics, we recommend that your child come in for a first visit no later than age 7, and earlier than that if there are any symptoms that have you concerned. Proactive care is smart.

Getting started with our kids orthodontics Greenpoint at this stage is sometimes called interceptive orthodontics or phase I treatment. Whatever name it goes by, the goals are the same. Taking prompt action leads to correction for poor jaw development, and the ability to maintain space for teeth that haven’t erupted yet. But that’s not all. Our kids orthodontics Greenpoint can also improve minor speech problems, regulate the width of the upper and lower arches, and put an end to to thumb and finger sucking. Depending on the unique circumstances of your child, it could be necessary to extract one or more teeth if they are being crowded in by improper growth. Some of the key indications that your child needs orthodontic care now include early loss of baby teeth or baby teeth staying in too late, mouth breathing, jaws clicking or popping when they open and close, teeth that don’t meet properly, and jaws and teeth not being in the right proportion to the rest of the face. By taking action now, it’s possible to avoid phase II treatment, which occurs around the teen years, entirely. At minimum, though. The care needed at that time should be simpler, easier, and less costly.

It’s a good idea to make an appointment to bring your child in for an evaluation regarding our kids orthodontics Greenpoint. Contact our office right now to schedule a time.

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