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Orthodontic Emergencies in Greenpoint

Greenpoint Orthodontist
Greenpoint Orthodontist

Don’t be shy to reach out to us at Rosenberg Orthodontics when you have an emergency related to your braces or other dental appliance. We can offer you vital guidance and advice, as well as to effect needed repairs by our Greenpoint orthodontist in person when they are required.

You need to be careful when you have an orthodontic emergency. There are ways you can manage those issues at home, at least temporarily. But if you don’t follow the proper procedures, it can cause you unnecessary harm. One good example is when it comes to wires or ligatures. They can become broken, protrude, or even get lost. What you’re left with are sharp pieces that can cause injury to your tongue, cheek, or gums. If that happens, you should rinse with warm salt water and then use an antiseptic rinse to prevent an infection. Prompt action is required to address the wire issue. It is very important that you don’t cut the wire in your efforts. You could end up swallowing it accidentally. The better option is to push the wire into its proper position. Use a small piece of orthodontic wax or the eraser end of a pencil. If a bracket becomes knocked off, you can also use orthodontic wax as a buffer for protection against injury. Our Greenpoint orthodontist wants to assure you that mouth irritation and soreness, if any, is not permanent. Use over-the-counter pain medication and rinse with warm salt water if you experience it. You should always try to get to our office in a timely manner so that you can be evaluated and any adjustments can be made, or your braces fixed.

It’s not difficult to maintain and care for your braces, but the help of our Greenpoint orthodontist is exactly what you need to make it even easier. Call us when you have a concern and also to schedule an appointment.

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