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Malocclusions in Greenpoint

Your occlusion, also called your bite, refers to the way that your jaws line up. When they are not in the proper position to each other, you can suffer discomfort and difficulties with chewing. At Rosenberg Orthodontics, we’re experts at addressing a malocclusion. So depend on us for diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment.

Wearing braces is the typical way to correct a malocclusion. Misaligned jaws and misaligned teeth tend to occur at the same time. Our Greenpoint best orthodontist has options for you. Traditional braces are made out of metal. The old-fashioned ones were thick, heavy, and not very attractive. But today, there are more lightweight and stylish ones. Fortunately, they still do the same outstanding job of moving your jaws and teeth into a more ideal and comfortable state. Because they are adjusted as necessary by our Greenpoint best orthodontist, they are often the most appropriate choice for a severe malocclusion. There are certain aspects of metal braces, though, that simply cannot be changed. You may find them to be to your liking, or you may not. And that’s just one of the reasons why some of our patients turn to Invisalign. They’re called clear braces because they are crafted from plastic. When you wear them on your teeth, no one can see them. The other differences between Invisalign and traditional braces include that our clear ones are more comfortable, are removable, allow you to eat all of your favorite foods, and do not need to be adjusted, so you only have to come in every six weeks during the course of your treatment.

Which of our options is most appropriate for your needs and preferences? All you have to do is reach out to our office and let us schedule you an appointment for a consultation and examination with our Greenpoint best orthodontist.

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