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When was the last time you brought your kids to the dentist? Though children don’t always enjoy a trip to their local Clinton Hill orthodontist, they might be happy to hear that the latest technology and techniques will actually get them in and out of their braces faster than ever before. Despite what many of us went through as teenagers, braces have change greatly in the past decade with improved knowledge about the inner-workings about the mouth changing how orthodontists care for young and growing smiles entirely. For the latest technology and professional care, you should bring your children to the welcoming and state of the art offices of the Rosenberg Orthodontics.

Interceptive Orthodontics Clinton Hill
Interceptive Orthodontics Clinton Hill

The care of a child’s teeth has changed drastically over the past few years, making pediatric dental care and children’s orthodontistry a field that few parents are knowledgeable about anymore. Today dentists recommend bringing in children at six months of age or as soon as their first baby teeth grow for their very first dental exam. These initial exams can work to identify any genetic issues that can cause problems later in life before they begin to affect their smiles. Children who do not receive dental exams from a dentist or your trusted Clinton Hill orthodontist before the age of three will have more difficulties with tooth decay and other illnesses.

Child’s braces occur much still much later in life than the age of three, but still sooner than many of us are used to. Most parents recall receiving their braces in the region of their teenage years, and as such can remember the trials and tribulations of braces coupled with the daily insecurities that all teenagers go through. Today your local professional Clinton Hill orthodontist keeps abreast with the most up to date research and techniques by utilizing what most know as children’s braces for more effective and efficient correction of bite problems and alignment of teeth. Not only are children easier to treat, as they are more agreeable to orthodontics, but studies have also proven that patients who receive braces between the ages seven and eleven will have them on for far less time than treatment in the teenage years.

For the best care of your child’s bite problems, don’t wait for problems to get more troublesome to their oral health and far more difficult to treat. Instead, take your son or daughter for treatment to their local Clinton Hill orthodontist at the offices of Rosenberg orthodontics for treatment at any age after seven years. Once your children reach their seventh birthday their mouths have grown into their current positions, and your doctor can assess the extent of their bite problems and guide you and your child through treatment for healthy smiles they can grow into.

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