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Clear Braces in Williamsburg

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Clear Braces in Williamsburg
Clear Braces in Williamsburg

Not everyone is born with the smile that they want. While each smile is unique, some people may feel self-conscious about their teeth and it may hold them back from openly speaking or smiling around others. Additionally, some imperfect smiles may need to be corrected for medical reasons as well, such as fixing a misaligned bite or crooked teeth that may lead to plaque buildup. Here at Rosenberg Orthodontics, we can provide interested patients in some options that may appeal to them, including clear braces in Williamsburg. With the help of clear braces, you can achieve the same results without having to wear noticeable metal braces that may make you feel even more self conscious.

When it comes to getting braces, most people think of the traditional kind fully equipped with metal brackets and wires. While this is the most commonly used form of orthodontic treatment mainly for its versatility and affordability, there is another options for people who would prefer a more subtle appearance when undergoing treatment. With clear braces, your appliances are near invisible when being worn so others may not even realize that you are wearing braces at all. With clear braces in Williamsburg, you can correct your bite and straighten your smile without feeling self-conscious about the appearance of your teeth or braces either. Clear braces use the power of physics to help guide teeth into a healthier position, much like traditional braces do, but they do this in a different way. Each row of teeth, the top and the bottom, is fitted with an aligner tray made of clear plastic. You will be fitted with a new set of aligners about once every two weeks or so so that your teeth can continue to move gradually into their newly prescribed positions.

With clear braces in Williamsburg from us here at Rosenberg Orthodontics, you can also count on a much more convenient experience as well. Not only will your braces be subtle in appearance, but you will not have to worry about getting food caught in your braces or having to adjust your oral hygiene routine to accommodate your new appliances.

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