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Adult Orthodontics Greenpoint

Adult orthodontics in Greenpoint

Adult orthodontics Greenpoint

Adult orthodontics Greenpoint

While orthodontic care is often associated with teenagers, there are many cases of adults needing teeth realignment. Here at Rosenberg Orthodontics, if you thought you were the only one, we can assure you that you that you are certainly not. Don’t worry, though. Advancements in technology have made the process simpler and more comfortable than ever before.

Our adult orthodontics Greenpoint include both traditional braces that are made out of metal, as well as Invisalign, which is is made out of clear plastic. If you’re wondering which is better, well the answer is that neither could be described as being superior in all situations. It depend on various factors, including your personal preferences and how severe your issues are with teeth positioning as to which way you go with our adult orthodontics Greenpoint. The pros of traditional metal braces include that they are lightweight, stylish, and better suited to some challenging types of teeth straightening problems. They are also often less expensive. On he con side, they require adjustments in order to make sure that you are getting the most efficient teeth realignment possible, they may make you feel awkward if you are self-conscious about wearing something on your teeth, and you have to avoid crunchy, sticky, and chewy foods while you’re wearing them. And that brings us to Invisalign, the revolutionary system of aligners. Among their benefits are that they are removable. This lifts all food restrictions. Enjoy all of your favorites whenever you want. There are also no adjustments required. You simply wear an aligner for two weeks and then switch to the next in the series. Best of all, Invisalign is invisible, so you can go about your business without anyone but you knowing that your teeth are being straightened. The only negative aspects are that they may be more expensive than metal braces and not quite right for especially challenging positioning problems.

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